Ailixir – the Liquid Collagen

Ailixir – the Liquid Collagen
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As you know, here at Guru and Go we love to keep a step ahead of the latest health, well-being and beauty trends. We like to give each product a fair trial and review and so when the Ailixir liquid collagen landed on the news-desk last month we were curious to see what it was all about. We heard the hype over collagen products and thought we’d give it a go. Could a spoon full of collagen per evening really improve our skin, hair, nails AND joints? Well actually, yes it did. Over the past 30 days the beauty team have been amazed with the results after taking just 25ml of the Ailixir Hair, Skin Nails and Joint Collagen Liquid each evening. A month later we’ve each noticed improvements, our nails are feeling stronger, hair a little shinier and a few people in the team even said their bodies had been less achy. We’re all glowing.


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We’ve all tried and tested a load of supplements and tablets from the drugstore, but it’s refreshing to try a product that has visible results. So why did we give it a go? Our body produces collagen naturally, that keeps us looking youthful when we’re younger but as we get older our body produced less of it at a slower rate. We thought giving it a top back up in the form of a supplement will help wrinkle-free skin, stronger nails and shiny thick hair,

Some of the team have reported tighter skin and smaller pores so it’s been a hit with the skin-care buffs as no other cream, massage or product they’ve used has had results on this scale. The Ailixir Liquid Collagen has a sweet berry taste made from a blend of orange, apple, mandarin, guava, papaya, lime, mango, pineapple and grape juice, which is perfectly palatable. You can also dilute the liquid with water to taste if you’re a bit sceptical at first. If the liquid isn’t your thing, you can opt for the collagen powder which can be mixed in to a smoothie or just with water.

What the Guru and Go team loved the most was the ease of taking the supplement. Forget faffing around with blister packs and pots of tablets – it’s just a case of a quick gulp before heading to bed.

Not only have we been indulging in the cosmetic results as Ailixir uses Peptan, a premium form of collagen, peptides which are proven to be anti-aging and are vital in the regeneration of skin, tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones. As a result, we’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of achy bones and a reduced recovery time after hitting the gym.

To find out more about the Ailixir brand and products click here and give it a go yourself!

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