The Magic of Magnesium

The Magic of Magnesium
Jason Miller
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What is Magnesium?

It is the silvery stuff that some of you may remember burning up in your science class. An element that in the general working day world; isn’t understood beyond something needed for starting fires, building automobiles, or creating huge displays of fireworks.  I think that magnesium is far more important to our health than many people realise.

Did you know that magnesium is apparently the 11th most common element in the human body; with approximately 60% found in our bones and the remainder in the muscle cells?  I reckon most people won’t think too much beyond that; possibly thinking it is an interesting piece of info. This is one of the things I would really like to change. The majority of the population should understand the significance of such an essential mineral to humans and the huge impact it has on our health.

If you look up the health benefits of magnesium or signs of “magnesium deficiency”; you will quickly get an idea of just how important this explosive element is to our health.

According to, here are some of the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency:

  • Anxiety
  • Weak Bones
  • Low Energy
  • Weakness
  • Inability to Sleep
  • PMS and Hormonal Imbalances
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Headaches
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm
  • Muscle Tension, Spasms, Cramps
  • Fatigue

Therefore, magnesium is VITAL to good health and a long life. If you have experienced any of the above symptoms (as I have) or observed it in others; the first thing I would want to do is take what could be the highest probably cause (lack of magnesium) and rule it out of the equation.  At least that is my line of thinking when it comes to my own health.

Immediately, we are talking about QUANTITY. We are suggesting that there is not enough and so we need a higher amount of it. This is the point where many of us have been led astray because when we talk about quantity of a mineral such as magnesium; we MUST at the same time consider QUALITY and this has not been given enough importance. It is critical.

So, what quantity of magnesium do we need to keep from experiencing any or all of the above?  What is the right daily amount?

It’s the next obvious question; a very good question.  Considering magnesium is the 11th most common found element in our bodies; this would indicate it is high on the priority list and a “fair amount” in relation to the size of our body.  In my opinion, how much a person needs will vary and be different for every individual that exists on earth – we are all so very different and have different environmental circumstances, different diets, different lifestyles and a different existing physical circumstance.  None-the-less, quantity is an important factor, and one which we must establish for ourselves on an individual basis. So when it comes to quantity, is there anything which governs how much of a certain type of magnesium to take?

What do I mean by “types” of magnesium?  There are not different kinds; there are just different compounds – magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium sulphate, etc.

So what does type have to do with the quantity of magnesium in the body?

Well, a compound must be digested in one way or another – even if applied on the skin (such as with a magnesium oil or a spray).  The body has to break that compound down to make the magnesium into a form. The digestive process has many variables that will determine how much of the magnesium the body can get out of the food, capsule. pill or oil; which comes down to a simple matter of:

The better the state of health your digestive system is in; the more able your body is to “digest” and get out as much nutrients (in this case magnesium) as it can. There is only so much time allowed for that process to occur.

Thus at the end of the digestive process we end up with an amount of magnesium in the body that can be used and depending on the type of magnesium (citrate, chloride, etc.), you may end up with more, or less, compared to taking another “form” of magnesium.  Are you still with me?

So… it would appear the process of digestion is an effort by the body to extract the purest element it can, right?

If so, then we’ve just answered the question of what do our cells need. They need the purest, smallest form of an element they can get. This includes magnesium.

Where I come in is the specialized field of nano minerals by The Health Factory who are highly educated in this area and have worked exclusively along the line of perfecting the absolute highest quality of mineral necessary for total assimilation at cellular level.  Based on experience we are seeing an average of 2mg of totally pure nano magnesium (no compound of any kind) in nanoparticulate size ranging from 0.3 to 5 nanometres, with maximized energy potential, is 100% bio-available and is having far greater results – on average – than a basic 500mg capsule of “elemental magnesium citrate” or chloride.

I have experienced it myself and have seen the results in front of my eyes – within minutes. 98% of people who try The Health Factory’s Nano Magnesium will notice some sort of reaction (as subtle as it sometimes may be.)  The most usual reaction people report (and the reason most people take magnesium) is quite a profound relaxation.  The Nano Magnesium does not require any digestion; the cells can assimilate it immediately (or let it go if not required) and thus it gets to work faster.

So HOW MUCH magnesium do we need?

Well, now that we have an understanding of the quality that we need (in ideal terms) it is now possible to establish more closely how much; which in the form of The Health Factory’s nano magnesium an average of 2mg (30ml) a day for an average adult who is in fairly good health; proving to be very beneficial.

In my opinion, you need the right amount for YOU.  The best way to determine this is to learn more about the subject, about your health, listen to your body and work with a trained natural health practitioner or health care provider you trust that can help guide you.

The best thing about magnesium is that it is easy to obtain and comes in many different forms. Try buying organic fruit and vegetables from local farms as they may contain higher levels of magnesium. Adding foods such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds and dark chocolate is another great way of adding magnesium to the body. The purer the magnesium and the smaller the particles the higher the effects may be. See the full Health Factory’s Nano Magnesium collection at


Jason Miller

About Jason Miller

Jason’s passion and expertise for a very unique line of “nano minerals” is hard to come by.  In the last 14 months, after founding Noble Naturals Limited, he has educated thousands of interested individuals seeking to enlighten themselves on the health benefits of these centuries’ old, medicinal metals, not to mention other more base elements such as magnesium.
Jason believes there is power in simplicity and one does not need to be a scientist to understand basic, fundamental truths of these vital minerals and the roles they play in our bodies to maintain good health.  He also understands the art and technique that is utterly essential to quality and has trained many clients on their use and results.
You can now find these specialised products being offered in more than 75 independent natural health shops and practices stretching from Brighton to Liverpool and Ipswich to Bristol.


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