No, You Don’t Have To Wear a Chrystal Round Your Neck

No, You Don’t Have To Wear a Chrystal Round Your Neck
David Stevens
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The healing power of crystals has been known since ancient times. The high priests are said to have worn carnelian gem stones as a form of protection on their breast plates. The beneficial effects of magnets has also proved helpful in a variety of situations, even being considered as a treatment for obesity when a surgically implanted magnetic band is fitted around the stomach area.

In the Harmony system of pain relief the effects of both carnelian gem crystals and gold plated neodymium healing magnets are combined, set in a triangular pattern which creates a powerful healing force. Whilst wearing the Harmony pain relief crystal mag bra inserts, most women have experienced a considerable reduction in breast tenderness particularly during menstruation. With many experiencing complete freedom from any discomfort when worn.

The sets can also be attached to clothing using a magnetic locking system, providing relief from a variety of common ailments. Discomfort due to bloating, cramping, back pain and cystitis, are also greatly reduced when a carnelian mag set is attached to underwear positioned on the lower abdomen.
Emmy found that a Harmony set attached during the night, not only relieved her cramping and back pain, but also ceased her recurrent bouts of genital herpes. Men as well gain similar benefits from using this set up, leading to fewer bathroom visits during the night, plus relief from back pain and bloating.

Lisa experimented, using our magnetic locking system to attach a carnelian crystal mag to each of her ear lobes and another to her nostril, forming a triangular pattern, which resulted in completely clearing her permanently blocked sinuses. Another wearer who was experiencing constant pain due to a kidney problem, became pain free in only a few minutes. There are many other areas where attaching a crystal mag set has shown to be of benefit. When positioned between the rib cage and the belly button, digestive problems such as acid reflux and bloating often improve. Also pain due to the gall bladder, liver and kidneys can decrease often completely, when used in conjunction with a Harmony pendant.

The Harmony pendants are crafted from sterling silver and finished in white gold to avoid tarnishing, with either carnelian or green agate gem stones, combined with gold plated neodymium healing magnets which are set in a triangular pattern. It is believed that the carnelian gem stones in addition to healing, help us connect to our inner self, providing support during stressful times. The green agate stones on the other hand are great for balancing the heart chakra, or homeostasis as we might call it. “The body’s ability to control its own environment.”

It is interesting to note why a triangular pattern is used for our sets rather than other designs. During the trial period we experimented with several different shapes and sizes. Heart shape, square, circular, in the shape of a cross and star shaped, but none worked as powerfully as the triangular pattern, which mimics several body patterns. For example the connection between the thyroid gland in the lower throat area which communicates with the adrenal glands above the kidneys, forming a triangular pattern.

David Stevens

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David Stevens specialises in treating auto-immune diseases (in particular allergies) from hay fever to anaphylaxis, and in providing drug-free pain relief. In 1997 David developed (CKT) ChirokineticTherapy which has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of allergies.

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