Why your shower is doing more harm to your skin than good

Why your shower is doing more harm to your skin than good
Jane Lewis
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Hi, I’m Jane Lewis, founder and managing director of The Skin To Love Clinic.

Since I started my career in 1981 I have gained extensive experience in dermatology, and one of the most shocking things I’ve learnt is the effects hard water has on our skin.

With 60% of the population having sensitive skin and over 60% of homes in the UK being supplied with hard water, it’s not difficult for us to see the parallels.

Whenever I see a client who suffers with eczema, psoriasis, dry flaky skin or dehydrated frizzy hair I recommend Ecocamel’s ORB SPA Vibra Soft shower head to them. It converts hard water into soft water, and offers you a head-to-toe deep-skin cleansing. This then stimulates your blood supply and opens up your pores to increase blood oxygen levels, which in turn gives you a cleaner, clearer complexion.

I’m always asked what my biggest skin-care rule is, and it is exfoliate and moisturise.

Finding ways to incorporate water into beauty therapy has always been a challenge. Exfoliating and moisturising can be seen as time-consuming especially first thing in the morning before work and last thing at night when you just want to go to bed. But the ORB SPA combats this head-on.

I see the sonic massing unit as a genuine game changer because it allows you to exfoliate whilst showering, which is also detachable for a closer contact cleanse.

Stepping out of the shower already exfoliated marks a milestone in time-saving skincare. Plus, once exfoliated, your skin is more receptive to creams and lotions. Even tanning creams can be applied directly with fantastic results!

I’ve seen the results first-hand with clients who have come back to see me 6 weeks after using the ORB SPA, and their skin looks healthier and more hydrated. Even those with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis have noticed a difference!

Find out more about The ORB SPA from Ecocamel.

Jane Lewis

About Jane Lewis

Founder of The Skin To Love Clinic, Jane Lewis started her nursing career in 1981 and has become a leading figure in the UK beauty industry.  Jane’s straight-talking advice has made her a sought-after expert for both TV and articles.

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