Melina Noto, Creative Director at Nuyu London, talks haircare

Melina Noto, Creative Director at Nuyu London, talks haircare
Melina Noto
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Whoever said “ignorance is bliss” couldn’t have been talking about hair care!

We all go to great lengths to keep our hair healthy and happy. Everything, from the wrong products to the wrong techniques, and even wearing a ponytail too often, can result in a bad hair day or seriously damaged hair, and no one wants that.

Washing and conditioning hair always sounded like a pretty straightforward proposition, right? It’s a common mistake made by many people. Ideally we shouldn’t have been washing our hair daily. And when washing we should also shampoo first to wash away the dirt and styling products and the second wash actually cleans the hair. When it comes to conditioning, we should only apply it to our mid lengths and ends. Let’s try to resist the daily or every other day washing, and if you still find this hard then try out Morrocan Oil Dry Shampoo, it knocks all others out of the park. Its got a great smell, it adds volume and texture to your hair and doesn’t leave any build up so you can use it day after day.

Starting at the root of everything don’t ignore your scalp – when brush bristles come in contact with the scalp, they stimulate blood flow, which jumps up the hair growth. They key is using natural bristles because they are gentler than damaging metal and synthetic versions and prevent our hair from splitting and breaking off before we achieve our desired length.

We also need to avoid the urge to blow-dry or flatiron our hair more than few times each week, since heat damage is a key culprit of fried, lifeless locks. I always use a professional heat protector product such as Kerastase L’Incroyable Blowdry! Another top tip is to hold the hair dryer nozzle five inches from the hair. When I need to use straighteners I always focus on ironing roots, not ends, since hair gets thinner toward the bottom. To keep everything looking healthy keep trimming the ends. Hair will grow better without broken, tattered pieces so little and often is the key.

Do you know that hair colour changes over time; light hair becomes mousy and dark hair goes dull. Adding lightness and brightness to blonde hair or making brunette richer not only revives our complexion but make us look younger. Hair colouring can be one of beauty’s most complicated sciences, its a fine art getting the right colour whilst minimising the damage to my hair. Over bleaching or build up of colour can leave the hair looking tired, life less and over processed.

Don’t panic – if you haven’t been following the golden rules, there is still time to change it.

I absolutely love the brand new Olaplex treatment. This magic in a container will bring our hair back to life through an effective rebuild of hair strength, structure and integrity especially for damaged and over bleached locks. Word on the street is that our well-known Kim Kardashian, yes – Kim Kardashian endorses Olaplex and actually recommends it as one of her favourites. Don’t believe me? I have my sources!

Olaplex doesn’t like to rush! And neither should you, as this 3 part treatment establishes better results for resurrecting our hair back to its full potential starting with a bond multiplier. This can be used on our locks as a stand-alone service or is especially good for getting our colour done as it is mixed with bleach or tint and so the magic embraces from there. A bond protector is the second step to a flawless look that must be applied to our hair once the bleach or tint is completely rinsed which should be left in for a maximum of 20 minutes so our hair gets the full benefit of the service. The final step is a hair protector, and this is where the power lays in our hands. This is a take home product that is recommended by the legendary Kim Kardashian to be carried out just once a week and requires you to gently comb through your damp hair after applying and before washing as normal.

The miracle that is Olaplex has transformed the way I colour and it allows stylists to go further without the worry of damaging your hair. Fancy going from dark brown to platinum this summer? Olaplex is the answer but don’t forget to follow all the normal golden rules to great, healthy hair.

Ladies, I came to you on a mission from the beauty Gods that your days/months/weeks/years of depressed hair has finally reached its breakthrough and you need to report to your nearest salon or beauty store to grab yourself some Olaplex today!

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