Is Non-Invasive The Way Forward For Anti-Ageing?

Is Non-Invasive The Way Forward For Anti-Ageing?
Alex Silver
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Having been in the health and beauty industry for 25 years, I’ve seen all the newest cosmetic procedures come and go, each promising better results than the last. Thinking back to when I was at the forefront of the UK’s Botox movement almost 15 years ago, I saw first-hand just how overwhelming the interest in anti-ageing treatments was, but simultaneously, the reservation people expressed when it came to invasive treatments.

Thankfully, we’ve come such a long way since then – technological advances in the industry mean that invasive anti-ageing procedures are soon to be a thing of the past. Wave goodbye to needles, knives and weeks of down time in 2018. Say hello to smooth, toned, youthful skin without the inconvenience of an extensive healing period.

Skin Rejuvenation with the NeoGen™ Evo from Energist™ – the leading manufacturers of aesthetic medical equipment – is the anti-ageing answer for everything from eyes, to decolletage, to hands.


The NeoGen™ Evo uses Nitrogen Plasma energy to deliver controlled heat to the skin which boosts collagen and elastin production via a small hand-piece. Collagen and elastin – like bricks and mortar – act as the support structure within our skin. As we age, they naturally diminish. Without collagen and elastin, skin loses it’s buoyancy and plumpness; appearing thin, sagging and wrinkled. By boosting their production, the NeoGen™ Evo completely remodels the skin’s architecture.


The beauty of the NeoGen™ Evo is it’s versatility, especially when it comes to the someone who wants various signs of ageing treated. A popular treatment with the NeoGen™ Evo is the eye area. The alternative of a blepharoplasty (or eye-lift) is much less appealing…the thought of such an invasive surgical procedure around one of the most delicate parts of your entire body is enough to make most people squeamish!

The NeoGen™ Evo has a uniquely small ergonomic hand-piece to reach right below the lash line so every last bit of the area is treated resulting in dramatically rejuvenated eyes.


Smoker’s lines‘ are fast becoming a primary concern for anyone looking to appear youthful, with treatment demands for the ‘pack-a-day-pout’ surging in recent times. You may even find that you have smoker’s lines without ever having puffed on a cigarette! These vertical creases above the upper lip can pile on the years, and unless you’re able to talk like a ventriloquist they’re almost impossible to avoid. Using the NeoGen™ Evo to boost collagen and elastin above the mouth can help banish those pesky lines for a smooth, youthful smile.

When we hear ‘anti-ageing‘, we always tend to think about the face. But in fact, the decolletage and hands are often neglected and constantly exposed to UV rays and environmental damage which means they tend to show signs of ageing faster than anywhere else. Nitrogen Plasma energy is incredible for evening skin tone, diffusing age spots and pigmentation on areas of photo-damaged skin. Why not try the NeoGen™ Evo to treat the areas of skin that really give your age away?


If you’ve ever wished you could reverse the signs of ageing but feel uncomfortable with the idea of needles, knives and a general anaesthetic…the NeoGen™ Evo allows you to get the youthful, rejuvenated skin of your dreams without the fuss (and let’s face it, pain) that goes alongside invasive, surgical procedures.

Another bonus that comes with choosing the NeoGen™ Evo is the minimal (to zero) downtime – because let’s face it, most of us would rather use our annual leave for a holiday in the Med rather than for resting up in a hospital bed. With the NeoGen™ Evo, the skin creates it’s own protective layer, and the procedure itself is completely non-invasive, you can carry on as usual if you opt for the lower frequency treatments – which still delivers fantastic results. Even at an intermediate frequency (which many professionals will use as the highest setting) downtime is less than a week, sometimes a few days for areas that are easily covered – e.g. the decolletage.

Why not opt for non-invasive in 2018? With these kind of results, I can’t see a reason to choose the alternative.

The NeoGen™ Evo is used by a select group of Harley Street Professionals. You can find out more about this groundbreaking new treatment by visiting the official Energist™ website.

Alex Silver

About Alex Silver

Alex Silver is Guru & Go’s new Beauty & Health Guru. With a career in the industry spanning over 25 years, Alex has witnessed all the fads and crazes over the years and from fish pedicures, bird poo exfoliators, 24 carat gold facials and vampire face-lifts, has tried them all!

Alex acts as a consultant to the UK’s top cosmetic and plastic surgeons, sits on numerous beauty and judging panels and regularly talks at industry seminars and events. Her medical and dermatology background means she has a true understanding of the ingredients that can actually make a difference to hair, skin, teeth and nails and perhaps more importantly, can’t wait to share this knowledge with you.

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