Fake it ’til you make it with Norvell Tanning

Fake it ’til you make it with Norvell Tanning
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Whilst a lot of people in the UK are currently sporting a natural golden tan after spending weekends outside sunning themselves in this seemingly never-ending heatwave, a percentage of us remain pale (even bordering on transparent). Some of us simply don’t catch a colour, even after basking in the sunshine for hours on end. A lot of us are becoming increasingly concerned with the long-lasting damage caused by UV exposure, as well as the more short-term risks; incidence rates for melanoma skin cancer are projected to rise by 7% in the UK between 2014 and 2035, to 32 cases per 100,000 people by 2035.

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It’s undeniable that a sunkissed glow makes us look healthier and (bonus) slimmer. So is there a way to get a truly beautiful bronze without the risks? If like me, you’re a bit fed up with your legs resembling a couple of milk bottles, it’s time to start faking it with a sunless tanning brand you can trust.

I discovered Norvell a few months ago when I read a Q&A with their then Ambassador, Kristina Rihanoff (of Strictly Come Dancing fame). As someone who has spent their life performing under unforgiving stage lights and in front of HD Television cameras, I knew Kristina had to be somewhat of an expert on tanning. With no room for orange hues, tell-tale streaks or brassy undertones – I knew they must be worth a try.

I gave in and purchased my first Norvell products via their website. Their new Ultra Vivid collection promises to cover all bases when it comes to the tanning process, plus the packaging looks super premium. I have been trialling these products over the last couple of weeks, and simply wanted to share with you that for the first time in my life, I’ve fallen in love with tanning! Here’s a rundown of the products…


Renew: Exfoliating Prep Mitt

This handy little skin ‘prep’ mitt is great for last minute tanners or fake-tanning on holiday. Whilst not one of the products I have been using, after reading about how it 1. exfoliates 2. balances skin’s pH levels and 3. provides a great base to make your tan last longer…I can’t wait to add this to my new tanning kit. At just £5.99 this is an essential for tanning novices or those of us neglecting our skincare regime.

Amplify: pH Equaliser 

When our skin’s pH is out of whack, so is our tan. Brassy, yellow and orange tones occur if we don’t have the perfect, balanced base – which is where this nifty product comes to the rescue. Packed with plumping Hyaluronic Acid and smelling like summer, a few spritzes of this top-to-toe had my skin prepped for tanning – looking hydrated and healthy. No more orange, only naturally ‘sunkissed’. £25.99

Revive: Skin Refining Scrub

There’s nothing like a great body scrub. After a build-up of products and weeks of neglecting your skin, a scrub lifts away the rubbish revealing baby soft, healthy skin. The Revive scrub from Norvell is no different; with Cranberry Extract to brighten skin and Tomato extract to firm and tone, this product was one of my favourites from the collection. Use pre-tan and post-tan for an all round better looking sunless colour. £19.99

Effect: Hi-Res Colour Creator

Don’t let the fancy name fool you, this is a good ole’fashion ‘tan in a can’. But it’s 2018, tanning formulas have improved a LOT, and this time you won’t be left with streaks, uneven patches or worse…drip marks. For those looking for that deep, dark Mediterranean colour overnight; this is the formula for you. Spray evenly over the face and body after you’ve prepped the skin, and wait patiently for 8 hours whilst you develop into a bronze goddess! It’s a tad pricey, yes, but a little goes a very long way. £29.99


1 Hour Rapid 

This mousse formula does exactly what it says on the bottle. If 8 hours is just too long to wait for your tan to develop (perhaps you’ve realised just how white those limbs are an hour before you leave for a hot date) this product has your back. Apply to face and body with a good mitt (a super-quick spruce up with the Renew Mitt is recommended) and wait 60 minutes before rinsing in the shower with cool water. That’s literally it – most efficient tan ever! £29.99

Boost: Colour Building Tan Extender 

I have left the best (IMHO) ’til last. This luxurious gel-creme gradual tan is completely and utterly fool-proof. If you’re wary of the tan in a can, or don’t know how you feel about 1 Hour Rapid yet…ease yourself in with Boost. My favourite thing about this formula is that it combines skincare with sunless colour. More Hyaluronic Acid to plump and hydrate skin, along with Watermelon extract to reduce any signs of redness – this leaves skin looking bronzed, healthy and GLOWING. Like a CC Cream for the body! Apply with a mitt for flawless coverage. 10/10, couldn’t recommend any more. £29.99

There you have it! For tanning novices and obsessives alike, the Ultra Vivid collection from Norvell has everything you need for the best tan experience possible. Available now at www.norvelltanning.co.uk 


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