Eyebrows by Karen Betts

Eyebrows by Karen Betts
Karen Betts
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Other than teeth, brows are your most important facial feature. Brows frame your face and can completely change your facial shape, so it is important to pay someone who knows what they are doing to prevent having a bad brow job.

Celebrities are the main influence behind why women find their brows are one of the most important aspects on their face. It is interesting to look back at the history of brows and look at the changes in trends over time. In the 1920’s, every woman had dramatic and very thin eyebrows. This completely changed by the 1950’s when it was all about having the highest arch and pristinely neat brows. Fast forward to now and the catwalks are using full, messy and almost unloved looking brows; much loved by the likes of Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been in the press recently for her dramatic change in brows. Over the last couple of years, The Duchess has been filling her brows in a bit more each time; making them appear fuller and fluffier. However, if you look back at earlier photos of her from 2014, we can see that she was very light handed when filling her brows in; using mousey brown shades and indulged in a lot more tweezing.

The rise of eyebrow powders, brow pots and pencils available for people to purchase have risen the last couple of years. However, 2016 has seen a huge increase in the number of women turning to permanent makeup and microblading treatments. It can be incredibly boring and inconvenient having to comb, fill in, highlight and fix eyebrows every morning. Permanent makeup treatments offer a time saving solution for busy women or simply people who cannot be bothered with the regime every day.

Some people opt for permanent makeup treatments for the complete opposite of vanity purposes. Some people lack self-esteem, so makeup treatments like this can offer them a brand new type of confidence.

It is important to also note that eyebrow shapes should always match the individual person’s face; or risk them looking ridiculous. Over 70% of our facial expressions actually depend on eyebrows; which is why it is imperative that our brows are shaped to match our face shape, skin tone and personality.

How does the treatment work and what does it involve?

Permanent makeup (also known as permanent cosmetics and makeup tattooing) is the application of pigment to the skin; enhancing the natural beauty along the lash line, brows or lips. The main aim of this innovative technique is to replicate the look of makeup without the daily inconvenience of having to apply it. Not only does this save time, but these treatments are weather-proof; meaning no more smudged brows during the summer months.

So far, there are two permanent eyebrow techniques; machine and microblading.

Permanent Cosmetics Machine

A Permanent Cosmetics Machine can be used for permanent brows as well as eyes, lips and medical micropigmentation. At KB Pro we use our Noveau Contour Intelligent, it’s the world’s first computerised pigmentation device and has a high level of needle insertions per second. The results are precise and accurate due to the automatically set speed and needle pressure. The clever hand piece continuously measures the resistance of the skin during the treatment. This optimal balance delivers beautiful permanent make-up results. It has a much lower frequency; with the sensation to the skin often being compared to that of an electric toothbrush.


My procedure that I have been practicing for over twenty years, is a manual technique called Microblading. The technique originates from China, where it is often known as ‘Eyebrow Embroidery’.

What does the technique involve?

The technique involves using a small handheld device, with a very sharp blade at the bottom; which is used to draw on small strokes to the brows. These are drawn on in different lengths and directions using KB PRO Pigments that are designed to blend in with the client’s natural hair colouring; giving impeccable and unbeatable results. This creates what appears to look like natural looking hair, without looking filled in or over the top.

Disappointed with the hand tools available I have spent the last 2 years working with leading technical experts to develop my own patent-pending hand tool which works in sync with my acclaimed K.B Pro pigments. I also developed a guide about 2 years ago called the KB PRO guide, to ensure my team and people who train with me get the technique correct and to a high satisfactory level every time. The KB PRO guide is applied to the client’s face to help us mark out where the brow should sit on the face. It is incredibly important to me and my team that the brows we create suit the facial shape, thickness and natural colouring of the person; to make the brows look as natural looking as possible.

Does the procedure hurt?

Everyone has different pain thresholds, so it depends on the client. However, most people say it does not hurt and not an uncomfortable procedure to sit through. My team and I apply numbing cream, to make the procedure as pleasurable and as comfortable as possible.

What procedure you opt for is completely up to you, your price range and how you would like your eyebrows to look. It is great that there are many different brow treatments available on the market nowadays; although Microblading is definitely my favourite.

Karen Betts

About Karen Betts

Natwest’s Woman of The Year and SPCP Industry Leader, Karen Betts has risen from hairdresser to the beauty title of ‘Queen of Brows’. Karen is heralded as a key opinion in her particular technique of permanent make-up and has developed the UK’s largest and most successful academy for training.

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    This is interesting. I’ve always been interested in Microblading, but have been unsure on the whole process. Thanks for the great article, Karen!