How Your Office Location Can Affect Your Clientele

How Your Office Location Can Affect Your Clientele
Eugene O'Sullivan
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With Robert Half UK opening up its flagship office in the Shard on the 28th September, it is set to attract many high end clients due to its luxurious and glamourous office space. With over 340 offices worldwide, the company has taken 20 200 square feet of office space on the 10th floor of the skyscraper.

For many businesses opening up new office spaces, one of the last things they think about is the location. More thought is often put into the office itself rather than where it will be situated. Often times the most in regards to location factors worried about is the proximity to public transport. However, location should be one of the top priorities for companies looking to attract a specific clientele.

Your business location will directly affect your brand image. Moreover when looking for new clientele, you have to find them. Customers will not look for you – you need to go where they are. Make sure that your business is in the heart of your industry. There are certain areas within London that are known for housing the best of the best in certain industries, your business should be a part of that.


London’s largest industry is the financial industry and it is known to be situated snugly in the City with a second centre emerging in Canary Wharf. For financial focused companies, these are the two best areas to let office space.

Tech – London’s Silicon Valley

Old Street and Shoreditch has been firmly established as the home to some highly innovative and successful tech companies, both new and old. These areas have been noted to be growing faster than America’s Silicon Valley with an estimated £12 Billion being pumped into the economy over the next decade along with 46 000 jobs being created, before 2024. The tube roundabout at Old City station has become affectionately known as ‘Tech City’, housing network giants Cisco as well as Google and Facebook’s London headquarters.

Creative Creatives

It is no surprise to anyone who knows London that Camden and Islington is home to the UK creative industry. Companies with art and design as their bread and butter will find themselves bringing in larger amounts of organic foot fall in these areas. Currently there are 3 700 cultural and creative firms in the region with roughly 40 600 people employed.


The UK Fashion industry is abuzz with the latest trends and innovations. Where should you go to be in on the hype? Knightsbridge and Chelsea of course. Many fashion power houses are located in these regions, with great new and upcoming names emerging from the folds of fabric. Currently roughly 46 400 people are employed in the fashion industry, with a large percentage of them situated in throughout the fashion capitals of London. For those in this industry, looking for Chelsea office space to let may not be a bad business move to make.

Real Estate

With some of the best names in real estate situated in Westminster, this is the place for real estate companies looking to open up their new office space. You are who you hang out with, ‘they’ always say, so why not hang out with the best.

The next time you find your business relocating, why not take your queues from the giants of your industry. It is important to consider where you want to be seen in the industry, sitting next to Google or in a small village near Cornwall.

Eugene O'Sullivan

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