5 Great Ways to Get Your Staff Excited About Workplace Safety

5 Great Ways to Get Your Staff Excited About Workplace Safety
Justin O’Sullivan
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The problem many businesses have is that workplace safety is seen as either a burden or a bore.

This is not the case — or at least it doesn’t need to be. By following these five steps, workplace safety can become something which genuinely motivates and excites your staff.

1) Be a Workplace Safety Leader

Enthusiasm is contagious, but boredom is too. Why should your staff follow or respect safety rules if you don’t? Respect for safety law begins with knowing safety law, so get yourself clued up on what safety laws apply to your business. In 2014, after a survey by HSE, 72% of business owners said that they found keeping up with workplace safety law to be a “burden”. In order to get your staff genuinely enthused about workplace safety, you need to be part of that 28%, not the 72%. Be the change you want to see in your company.

2) Explain Why Workplace Safety is Important

Safety protocols are in place for a reason, so don’t let your staff think that they aren’t. Be clear, be confident, and help them to understand that safety isn’t just drudgery; it increases profits. It’s important for your staff to know that safety isn’t something which is tacked onto business; it’s an integral part of business. Customers, shareholders and the media all have a much friendlier attitude towards safer businesses. All of this means more profit — which can mean more pay for your employees, too.

However, it’s not about just public image and money, because there are some elements of safety which you cannot put a price on. A workplace fatality, for example, costs the average American business over $1.3 million. Yet the true cost of a death at work, one that could have been prevented, goes far beyond that. Workplace safety can literally be a matter of life and death, and that’s why it’s so important.

3) Motivational Racking Inspection Training? Good Safety Experts Are Passionate Teachers

Motivational talks for sales or marketing are a common thing, but what about safety talks? Safety experts dedicate their lives to workplace safety. They are passionate about what they do, and the best safety experts are excellent at passing that passion onto others. After a racking inspection training from a SEMA approved inspector, the owner of Hayden’s Bakery said their staff had “confidence, knowledge and competence” with regards to safety. These are qualities that every business person wants in their staff, and it’s hardly surprising that training gives employees these qualities.

Investing in staff increases morale and makes for a better workforce. As Sir Richard Branson once put it:

train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.

Good safety training does exactly that, and it has the added benefit of putting everyone at your company at less risk.

4) Set Safety Targets and Stick to Them

Once again, sales targets are a common thing, but what about safety targets? As was previously mentioned, money spent on safety increases profits, so set targets for safety and reward safe staff. This concept only seems truly strange to businesses who don’t value safety. After all, if you do value safety, then why not reward it?

Some businesses have gone as far as to fire staff who have voiced concerns about workplace safety. This makes absolutely no sense, especially considering the many benefits that come from running a safe company. Businesses who don’t reward their staff for being safe and for speaking out about safety will not survive in an era where the public are more concerned with the wellbeing of employees than ever before.

5) Be Ambitious; Make a Zero-Accident Workplace the Ultimate Goal

As with every other area of business, ambition is vital to safety. Don’t be content with reducing accidents; eliminate them. Google didn’t become the biggest search engine in the world by settling for second best. They excel in everything, including workplace safety. If you want your business to succeed, then you to need it to succeed in everything. That means being ambitious about workplace safety. Believe that your workplace can be a zero-accident environment and work towards that goal!

Justin O’Sullivan

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